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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Mathematics Mother Of All Knowledge

From the Berita Harian newspaper. 

It is proved that Mathematics is the famous knowledge from all the world . 

Perimeter Of Triangle , Square & Rectangle

Calculation of perimeter is the simple calculation from any other calculation (area , volume , surface area)
Perimeter can be use to many types of shape .


And other shape .... 

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Perimeter is a calculation of all the outer side of the shapes .
Formula for perimeter -> Length of Outer side + length of outer side = ____cm @ m.


Let's us view another example :


The calculation for this shape is :
12cm + 10cm + 3cm + 6cm + 6cm ( 12cm - 3cm - 3cm ) + 6cm + 3cm + 10cm = 56cm . 
It is really simple , is it ? 
Remember ! Perimeter only uses '+'
If the shape is square , you can multiply the length of outer side .

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Area of Square & Rectangle .

This is another type of shape that can be calculated using the area formula .
The calculation for square is same as rectangle but it will be multiply by the same number because of the length of the side ( equal side).
The calculation for rectangle is same as square but it will multiply by the different number because of the length of the side ( different side )

Area Of Triangle .

The area for triangle is quite different from the other . Formula for area of triangle is : Height X Base but divide by 2 . It is divide by 2 because triangle is a half shape of square and rectangle . For example :
This is another example for area of triangle :
Like what we said just now , triangle is a half of square and rectangle shape . So , if we want to find the area of triangle , we must divide it by 2 . For an example :
3cm X 6cm = 18cm2 . Remember ! Divide by 2 so it will be 9cm2 .


Area is a calculation of an outer length of an object . Formula for area is -> Length X Breadth = _____cm2 @ m2
Let's us view another example :
The calculation for this shape is 7cm X 14cm = 98cm2 . It is quite simple , right ?